Biology of Sorghum Shoot Bug Peregrinus maidis as Influenced by Varieties


  • Saicharan Dharavath Department of Agricultural Entomology, College of Agriculture, Vijayapur 586101
  • Karabhantanal S. S. University of Agricultural Sciences Dharwad, Karnataka



Peregrinus maidis, sorghum, varieties, resistance, biology, oviposition, incubation, larval and lifecycle periods, survival


The influence of sorghum varieties on the biology of sorghum shoot bug Peregrinus maidis (Ashmead) when evaluated it was observed that the highly resistant variety (Y-75) led to reduced incubation, nymphal and total lifecycle periods (4.30± 1.04, 8.60± 0.76 and 33.50± 3.01 days, respectively). Fecundity was reduced to minimum in variety Y-75 (21.00± 3.60), in maximum while it was Hathi Kunta (55.30± 7.01), while in M 35-1 it was intermediate (42.00± 8.74). The survival was the least on Y-75 (25%) followed by that on M 35-1 (60%) and maximum was on Hathi Kunta (90%). The total lifecycle (days) was significantly less on Y-75 (33.50± 3.01 days) and maximum on Hathi Kunta (45.00± 4.83).


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Dharavath, S. ., & S. S., K. (2022). Biology of Sorghum Shoot Bug <i>Peregrinus maidis</i> as Influenced by Varieties. Indian Journal of Entomology, 84(4), 889–891.



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