Identification of Mirror Repeats within the Maleless (MLE) Gene of Drosophila melanogaster Meigen


  • Saini Kavita Department of Zoology, Baba Mastnath University, Asthal Bohar Rohtak 124021, Haryana
  • Dangi Namrata Department of Zoology, Baba Mastnath University, Asthal Bohar Rohtak 124021, Haryana
  • Yadav Deepti Department of Zoology, Baba Mastnath University, Asthal Bohar Rohtak 124021, Haryana
  • Bhardwaj Vikash Department of Zoology, Baba Mastnath University, Asthal Bohar Rohtak 124021, Haryana



DNA repeats, palindromic/gene sequence, inverted/direct repeat, mega BLAST, repetitive DNA, perfect/imperfect mirror repeats, parallel complement, sex determination gene, exons


DNA repeats present in prokaryotes and eukaryotes genomes that include simple tandem repeats, satellite DNA, or palindromic sequences are classified as inverted, direct, and mirror repeats (MRs). Out of these, MRs are not well studied in Drosophila melanogaster. In this study, manual bioinformatics approach was used to find MRs in D. melanogaster maleless (mle) gene. In this analysis, 123 MRs were found within the complete mle gene, while 78 MRs were found in the exonic region of the mle gene. MegaBLAST was performed to elucidate the presence of identified MRs across the genomes of D. melanogaster, D. nasuta and D. bipectinate. These demonstrated the conserved characteristics of specific MRs in Drosophila genome and the evolutionary and functional significance of MRs in diverse genomes. This study establishes a link between the presence of MRs in mle gene of D. melanogaster and MRs in human genome.


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Kavita, S., Namrata, D., Deepti, Y., & Vikash, B. (2023). Identification of Mirror Repeats within the <i>Maleless</i> (<i>MLE</i>) Gene of <i>Drosophila melanogaster</i> Meigen. Indian Journal of Entomology, 85(1), 14–18.



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