Ecology of Mango Nut Weevil Sternochaetus mangiferae (F.) and Efficacy of Insecticides


  • D. Srinivasa Reddy Horticulture Research Station, Dr Y S R Horticultural University, Ananthrajupeta 516105, Andhra Pradesh



Sternochaetus mangiferae, mango, behaviour, fruit parts, emergence, oviposition, off season shelter, spinosad, profenophos, emamectin benzoate, indoxacarb, thiodicarb


An experiment was conducted for six years at the Horticulture Research Station, Anantharajupet to study the behavior and management of mango nut weevil Sternochaetus mangiferae (F.). Maximum number of adults(99.50%) emerged from middle portion of the fruit, while only negligible numbers (0.50%) emerged from sinus (lower) portion (3rd year), in 4th to 6th years it was 98.50, 98.00 and 98.50%, respectively. Most of these emerged adults hide in bark, cracks and crevices in the trunk followed by collected nuts, fallen leaves and debris as the offseason shelter. The evaluation of efficacy of insecticides carried out for three years revealed the least damage of (8.66%) with spinosad treated mango trees followed by profenophos (11.33%), emamectin benzoate (15.33%), indoxacarb (16.33%), thiodicarb (19.33%), triazophos (23.33%), while in control it was 32.00%.


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Srinivasa Reddy, D. (2023). Ecology of Mango Nut Weevil <i>Sternochaetus mangiferae</i> (F.) and Efficacy of Insecticides. Indian Journal of Entomology, 85(4), 1066–1068.



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