Biology of Khapra Beetle Trogoderma Granarium on Wheat Varieties


  • Rimsha Shahid Department of Zoology, University of Agriculture, Faisalabad
  • Hassan Usman Department of Zoology, Government College University Faisalabad
  • Maryam Hamid Department of Zoology, Government College University Faisalabad
  • Sayydah Suryya Sani Department of Zoology, Government College University Faisalabad
  • Abdul Ghaffar Entomological Research Institute, Faisalabad
  • Sajid Abbas Khan Department of Zoology, Government College University Faisalabad
  • Usama Saleem Department of Zoology, Government College University Faisalabad
  • Gul Zahra Khan Cholistan University of Veterinary and Animal Science, Bahawalpur



Triticum aestivum, Trogoderma granarium, Dermestidae, varietal variations, biology, lifetable, hatchability, fecundity, survival


Khapra beetle Trogoderma granarium is a destructive and voracious feeder of several stored products such as wheat, maize and rice, and it is a quarantine pest for wheat producing countries like Pakistan. The present study evaluated its biological and morphological parameters on different wheat varieties. The results revealed that its incubation period was varied from 7.01-8.91 days, being longest on the variety Faisalabad-08, and shortest on Sehar-06. Its total developmental period from egg-adult varied from 48.44- 64.16 days, respectively; male and female longevity was 19.14, and 17.02 days on Sehar-06. The weight of 6th instar larvae ranged from 6.21 to 7.11 mg, while the survival was maximum and minimum on Sehar-06 and Faisalabad-08, respectively. The minimum and maximum weight losses were observed in Faisalabad-08 and Sehar-06, respectively. Thus, Sehar-06 was observed to be the most susceptible variety giving maximum fertility and fecundity.


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Shahid , R. ., Usman, H. . ., Hamid , M. ., Sani, S. S. . ., Ghaffar , A. ., Khan , S. A. ., … Khan, G. Z. . (2023). Biology of Khapra Beetle <I>Trogoderma Granarium</I> on Wheat Varieties . Indian Journal of Entomology.



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